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We offer

Market Intelligence


Work smarter

You are probably looking for insight that will help you reach buyers more effectively and create revenue faster. ENALEX suggests you work smarter, not harder by using our market and sales intelligence services. Market and Sales intelligence refers collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of information to help salespeople keep up to date with clients, prospect data and drive business.

Actionable Intelligence

The sales process begins with prospecting. Identifying the right customers is one of the most overlooked steps in selling a product or service. Instead of rushing as many leads as possible through your pipeline,we will help you focus on the best opportunities.

Customer Engagement

We will assist you with answering following questions:
  • What technology solution is currently installed within your target organization
  • Who are stakeholders and decision makers you should target
  • Detailed Decision-Maker contact information (name, position, email address, physical location, etc.)
  • Would the prospect be open to considering upgrading, switching, or investing in a better technology solution


We provide you with the following services:
  • Identify prospects by market segment, geography, etc.
  • Provide key prospect information
  • Track news and initiatives of your prospect
  • Monitor key competitors’ activities
  • Monitor key industry trends
  • Create list of key people and decision makers
  • Provide information on particular person you have a meeting with
We are not limited with the sercives. We are always happy to find the way that suits your particular needs the best.



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